01/03 Hacker H4

I will soon come into possession of a Hacker H4 proofing press, a fixed-cylinder flatbed letterpress from the 1930s. When delivered, I will be its fifth owner. What a beauty! I'm so excited to fix her up.

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View from the front. See both feed tables, the cylinder, and the supports for the rollers. The machine is completely manual.


The view from the front of the press--see the spring which absorbs the energy of the oncoming bed.


Hacker Test Press, Model Number 4, Serial Number 2703. Shipped 6/3/35 to Wallace Miller Company, Chicago. There is a note that it was not there per J. Koyak on 6/27/60.


New Oakland Urbanism. Hey. Oh well.


From the rear, you can see the bed of the press thorough the open space in the back, and what looks to be the trip and roller control levers in addition to the main crank. What a beauty!

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